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 Charly Lopez”A Glass Of Wine” Album.









Charly Lopez, born in Montevideo, Uruguay, South America in 1964, lost his mother at the age of 8. Teresa was a big fan of The Beatles, she loved music! His grandmother took over and at the age of 9 his father Ruben sent him to learn guitar and Englsh. At the same age, Charly got selected to sing in the choir in elementary school.At the age of 11, for his birthday, his father gave him a gift that would change his life forever: a turn table and a record of The Beatles: “Help!”

He listened to this record over and over every day; then he tried to follow the music with his guitar and started to translate the lyrics to understand what they were talking about. Later, his father remarried and his new wife had 4 children. His older step-brother had records of Led Zeppelin, CCR, Pink Floyd and several other Rock bands. That is how he got introduced to Rock.

The political situation in the country in those days was a military dictatorship that lasted for 11 years, basically during his whole teenage years. At the age of 18, he got into his first band called “Vision” which soon changed its name to “Aeroplano”. They were playing in the style of Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin.

When Aeroplano disbanded, he met Marcos Virdo, an Uruguayan musician with a New York kind of attitude. Marcos had a band called “Las Bestias” and Charly joined on bass and vocals. Until in 1983, Marcos migrated to the United States.

Then in 1984, Charly joined “Mamut”, a band that played Rock covers, AC/DC, ZZ Top, Fastaway, etc. They recorded a demo with those covers and when a producer listened to it, he got very impressed with Charly’s voice, so he suggested that they write their own songs and record an album, which they did. A dispute between the band members made the group to stop their activities and the album never got released. A couple of songs from that album have been reproduced by Charly and included in his new CD.

In 1985, Charly became the lead singer of Alvacast, one of the most influential bands in the Heavy Metal scene in Uruguay, remembered for being the band that recorded the first Heavy Metal album in Uruguay’s Rock history.

With Alvacast, Charly recorded 4 albums, made the TV, radio, news papers, magazines, and had great critics worldwide. Those great critics made the band to take the decision to move to Montreal, Canada, where they became Canadian Citizens and then could travel to the United States. Alvacast had their video clip air played in Musique Plus, the French Canadian version of Much Music, and the band played all around Montreal and Quebec, then disbanded in 1994.

In 1994, Charly joined a band called Boize, with whom he recorded 2 songs that were released only in 2013.

1995 Charly joined Iron Maiden tribute band “Up The Irons”. Charly’s vocal resemblance to Bruce Dickinson’s is remarkable and was a great attraction to their fans, which helped them to be the best Iron Maiden Tribute band in Canada.  They toured Canada and the East Coast of the USA.


In 2005, Charly was recruited to be the singer of “Tears For The Dead Gods”, a solo project of Fred Bergeron, one of the guitar players of Up The Irons. The band recorded an album that has the same name as the band. The album was released in the U.S by Gaia Records.

In 2006, Charly moved to Costa Rica where he reformed “The Electric Storm”, which after a few years became one of the best cover bands in Costa Rica. Until in 2011, Charly decides to record what it is his first solo album. This album includes 11 songs that Charly composed between 1984 and 2010. This album is performed with The Electric Storm.

In 2013, famous producer Ronnie King from California got interested in Charly’s music and went to Costa Rica to record a new song and to mix one song from “A Glass Of Wine”.

Charly and his band “The Electric Storm” just opened for a series of Arena shows with Canadian legnds Trooper. Also Charly won the constest for Boonstock Music and Arts Festival, where he played an acoustic set.